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Toys & Treats For Your Pet

The holidays are a time for giving and receiving, and who better deserves some gifts than your pet?  They give us love, attention, kisses, and cuddles, they make us get some exercise, and make us feel wanted when they beg for food.  How best to show them we love them back? 

Treats are fine, but like Christmas cookies, treats are best enjoyed in moderation.  A few treats are fine, but don't just toss your dog a handful of treats.  Engage him in play and make him earn the treats.  They will be much more meaningful.  Good treats are homemade ones, like the ones we make and sell at Four Lakes Vet Clinic.  Our treats often have real bacon pieces mixed in and are approved by Scout, Dr. Scarlett's collie.  Temptations treats for cats appear to be universally cat loved--we consider them "kitty crack" because even sick cats will eat them in the exam room! 

Toys are the most fun to unwrap on Christmas morning.  One "squeak" of the package and most dogs will tear into the wrapper.  I like the Unstuffable toys the best.  These furry toys contain NO stuffing that you have to clean up after the toy has been torn apart, but still has multiple squeakers to excite your dog.  They seem to last longer than other stuffed toys, too, maybe because the seams aren't easy to rip open. They are a good length for playing some gentle tug-of-war and for tossing up in the air.

Catnip is enjoyed by most cats.  Four Lakes Vet Clinic carries homemade catnip pillows for your cat to nuzzle, attack, lick, and carry around.  They come in different colors and shapes .  Quality control (to make sure there is enough catnip inside) is provided by Eddie, one of Dr. Scarlett's cats.

Food puzzle toys are great gifts, too.  Dogs (and cats) benefit from mental stimulation and food puzzles fit the bill.  You can hide treats or kibble in them and the pet has to figure out how to get them out.  Some of these are balls that the pet has to roll around to get food to drop out of holes.  Some have doors to move to get to a treat underneath.  You can make your own puzzles, too.  Cut smallish holes in shoeboxes or use narrow-mouthed containers so your cat or dog has to use a paw to get the food out.

A new collar and leash is always a good present.  Dogs seem to know when they get new "clothes" and strut around a little more.  Four Lakes Vet Clinic carries Tuff Lock collars that have a lifetime guarantee.  They will replace the collar if your dog ever chews it up or if it breaks.  A new leash means more walks for your dog. If your dog pulls while on leash, the Easy Walk harness is a good choice.  The leash clips in the front, on the dog's chest, which gives you much more control and helps prevent pulling.  We also have Red Dingo identification tags.  These also have a lifetime guarantee, so if the information wears off or is illegible, they will replace it.  They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs.  You can even get some with Swarovski crystals!

Have you gotten your pet licensed for the new year?  You need a dog license before you can get a dog park license.  Check your local city website to find out how to register your pets.  Check with Four Lakes Vet Clinic to see if your pet's rabies vaccine is up-to-date and sign up for Free Vaccines For Life if it isn't!

Please stop by and check out our selection of toys, treats, leashes, and tags.  Make this holiday season extra special for your pet!

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