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Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic

 "I haven't had a dog in 15 years and wasn't sure what to expect returning to vet care, but our visit was fun for our dog and educational for our kids. I loved the extra attention given to both and appreciate staff including our kids in the discussion of pet care."

​                                           Kayla P.

"We really appreciated the amount of time Dr Scarlett took to figure out the cause of our dog's skin issues and explain to us what was going on. Our previous vet just tried to treat the symptoms and didn't explain or dig into whatever may be causing it. We also appreciate the staff's willingness to get down to our dogs level to work on him, where our previous vet expected us to pick him up and put him on the table every time (the dog is 100lbs and doesn't like to be picked up)."

​                                               Mike D.

"I’ve never seen such gentle, compassionate care. My skittish kitty is doing so well here!"

                                                     Pat M.

"We all loved Four Lakes!! Our pup was very happy and comfortable and we were very impressed with the knowledge and caring staff."

​                                               Katie R.

"I have no suggestions for improvement. I am 64 years old and have used a variety of vet clinics over the years in the different states I have lived. Unequivocally, Four Lakes is the best vet clinic I have ever used. Dr. Scarlett is an excellent vet and takes such wonderful care of my two cats Bailey & Noah. I am always greeted warmly when I enter the Clinic, never have to wait more than a few minutes for my boys to be seen, everything is clean, and it is obvious that every single person working at the Clinic is devoted to their work. Bailey, Noah and I are so grateful..."

                                                    Tracy S.

"Your treatment of my dog was amazing!  I loved bringing Dixie in to you guys.  The entire experience was so awesome!  My heart melts when people are good with my dog & you guys were simply amazing!"

                                                    Jessi H.

 "The staff at the Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic are very friendly, welcoming and always remember my dog's name. I feel as if there is a special interest in the welfare of my pet."

                                           Jennifer F.

"Sometimes it takes me a little bit to understand medical care and the vet and the technician were patient and helped explain thing clearly and thoroughly."

​                                          Karen M.

"Dr. McClanahan spent a long time with us answering all of our questions about our newly adopted dog. She and Holly were very kind and generous. This was honestly the most time a doctor/vet has ever spent with us- people or pet! Thank you!"

​                                                     Erica L.

"Excellent care coupled with understanding and compassionate staff. Thank you."

                                              Brent T.

"Dr. Scarlett and her team are amazing!! We appreciate all you do and your positive attitude and compassion!"

​                                            Lindsay D.

 "This practice does everything well! I have never been so happy after leaving an appointment for any of the pets I've had over the years. I loved getting answers to questions BEFORE I asked them. I felt much more knowledgeable about my pets needs when I left."

​                                              Susan V.

Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic


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