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Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic

"I felt the services are priced fairly.  Very comprehensive.  Dr. Scarlett is very thorough and compassionate.  She really cares about our pets welfare."

                                              Laurie S.

Are you looking for more information about a diagnosis, medication, or behavior issue your pet is experiencing?  There is a wealth of information at VeterinaryPartner.com! 


The PetDesk application makes it easy to manage your pet’s health. This free app lets you:

  • Keep track of your pet’s appointment, vaccination, and medication history
  • Get reminders to book your pet care appointments
  • Schedule and confirm appointments easily
  • Receive messages from your veterinarian about prescription pick-ups and post-surgery updates
  • Access laboratory results
  • ​Set reminders for  your pet’s recurring treatments and needs
  • Manage your pet’s veterinary, grooming, and boarding needs all in one place
  • Save photos of your pet
  • Take notes to keep in mind for your next pet care visit

 Download it here! PetDesk

Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic

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