Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic

All the photographs on the walls at Four Lakes Vet Clinic are of our patients.  We invite you to send in a favorite picture of your pet to be included in the contest.  Pictures will be posted on our website and voting will start in early February.  Top vote-getting pictures will be featured in our reception area and exam rooms for the next year.

Rules and fine print:

1. You may submit one picture per pet.  A picture can have more than one pet in it, however.  So if you have 2 pets, you may submit 2 pictures with one or both of your pets in the photo.

2. Photos must contain a patient at Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic.  Only animals can be in the photo, no people, please!

3. Pictures must be of good quality. Minimum resolution is 920 x 1150 pixels, but higher is much better.  Newer cell phone pictures should be ok.  Professional photographs can be submitted.  If a picture is fuzzy or blurry, we will be unable to post it for voting.

Each picture will be checked to see if the resolution is high enough.  If it isn't, you will receive an email letting you know.

4. By submitting a photo, you consent for that picture to be placed on our website, Facebook page, shampoo/ear wash bottles and clinic walls.

5. Deadline to submit a picture is Jan. 31, 2018

6.Pleasesubmit your photo to

It is time for our annual Fill the Frames contest!

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