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Best of Monona 2017

All of us at Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic are humbled and thrilled that you voted us the Best Veterinarian in Monona!  We strive to provide you and your pet exceptional care and service in a friendly, caring atmosphere. Thank you for your vote!  Please vote for us here in the Best of Madison competition!

Front row: Dr. Scarlett & Charlie, Bethany

Back row: Jamie, Cassie, Chelsey, Allison

"We were met at the front door and taken immediately to the cat room because there was a pup in reception. Two thumbs up!"

                                                  Cate W.

"I think you guys provide pretty outstanding vet care.  I think it would be tough to top the level of care you guys already provide your clients." 

                                                   Joe A.

ProHeart 6

We are now offering ProHeart 6, an injectable heartworm preventative that lasts 6 months.  No more forgetting to give that chew once a month!  Ask about it next time you need more heartworm preventative!

"It is the little things that make this clinic so wonderful. The explanation of Penny's "big day" was adorable and I've read it several times, just for the smile it brings to my face. It is little details like this that make me love this place. When someone takes the time and effort to do the little things well, the big things come naturally. Thank you for everything you do!!"

                                                                                        Amanda L.

Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic is certified as a Cat Friendly Practice and a Fear Free Professional.  We are committed to taking the best care we can of you and your furry family members!  For more info, check out "What is a Fear Free Practice?"

  • Complete wellness exams
  • Sick pet exams
  • Heartworm & intestinal parasite testing
  • Vaccinations (check out our Free Vaccines for Life program!)
  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Non-routine surgeries
  • Cat grooming & boarding
  • Digital x-rays (whole body & dental)
  • Dental cleanings & procedures (check out the blog for more information on how we do these!)
  • In-house laboratory (urinalysis, urine culture, bloodwork)
  • Nail trim & anal gland expression
  • Ultrasound services with board-certified veterinarians
  • and more!!

Four Lakes Vet Blog

Be sure to check out the Blog by Dr. Scarlett to look at case studies and check out helpful hints about owning a pet!

This week's article is "Fleas"


Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic is Caring, Professional, and Responsive. We are a gold certified Cat Friendly Practice.  We use Fear-Free techniques  to make you and your pet's veterinary experience the best it can be.

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